Raw sweet potatoes are delish!

Raw sweet potatoes are delish!

While traveling across the country to help our daughter move we had the opportunity to try lots of different foods.   One of these foods was the sweet potato.  I am not talking your usual sweet potato covered in brown sugar and marshmellows.  I am talking  raw.   Peeled, and grated and oh so  wonderful.   I really had no idea that unlike the white potato which has an enzyme that makes it dangerous to consume raw, the sweet potato is actually ok to eat raw.     Sweet potatoes do have an enzyme inhibitor that does make it so you don’t want to go out and eat 5 pounds raw, but having them in a dish like this is wonderful and adds plenty of vitamin A & C along with potassium and lots of great fiber.

Here is an easy dish that has 3 simple ingredients but is full of flavor and nutrition.   It made a wonderful meal and I am going to have it again and again.


1- Sweet potato  peeled and grated.
3- Cups Spinach leaves.
1/2 cup marinara sauce.   A nice spicy sauce works wonders.

This makes enough for two people.  Grab a couple dishes and put 1/2 the spinach leaves in each.  Top with the grated sweet potato.  Warm up the marinara up a bit on the stove or in the microwave just to take the cold off.  Top each plate with the warm marinara and enjoy.

You will be completely surprised at just how wonderful this dish is.

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